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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 309: Conjunctavitis is upon us

Just as the elation of finally cracking the crawling knack hit, Oscar has been slapped in the face by conjunctivitis. This may sound like a Roman General, but it's a nasty (and sadly common) infection of the eyes, the main symptom being waking up with your eyes glued together with gook.

If that wasn't enough, he also has lungs full of a variation of the same gook, with a nose full thrown in for good measure.

Tasha has the same throaty spores, and I am fighting it.

I've been away filming 'Death', a British feature film from director Martin Gooch. I originally came on board as music supervisor and composer, but was seduced by the opportunity to be back on a feature set, this time as camera operator.

I got to film awesome veteran Leslie Philips, 'Raiders of the Lost Ark's 'Belloq' (Paul Freeman), Mr Lock-Stock-and-two-smoking-barrels himself Nick Moran and a whole barrelfull of fine Thespians.

With the aid of some modified firmware we have been recording on Canon 5D2 cameras at much higher bitrates that have previously been possible. This plus some great locations and lighting from the three DOPs have lead to some really nice filmic scenes. The rushes so far look great!

I should have a rough cut in two weeks to begin the score. Director Martin has quirky tastes. He has been given free reign to use Roger Taylor's solo albums as well as the new album from Michael Mckell (Emmerdale) so it should be an eclectic mix.