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Friday, 17 September 2010

Day 148: The lost weekend

Eeek! Has it really been that long? I knew I had let the blog slip but woah the time has run away with me.

Oscar has reached a few milestones, he's now in his own room, sleeping right through from 7pm to 6-7am with a brief dream feed at 11 ish from me.
He's just about sitting up, though we like to put pillows around as he does flop over eventually!
About a week ago he held on to the bottle and supported it for about 30 luck repeating that trick but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.

Maybe soon he'll also be able to sterilise the bottles...

I've been busy as a stereo consultant on a new movie for Vertigo...which is now going to be made in 2D!, product testing for several manufacturers with exciting new 3D products, and getting ready to score a big budget movie with a full orchestra.

Oh and we all had a nasty cold from Oscar's cousin Molly which knocked the whole family (and my mum and dad!) out for over a week.

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