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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Day 214: Get into the groove

Eek! I thought the last lost weekend was long but this one has been quite a jump. I've been busy working pre production for the music on a big budget fantasy movie and also consulting on a low budget feature for Vertigo which looks like it will be great. I can't say too much as the marketing plan includes viral web promotion which is linked to the story, but I can reveal that I supplied a specially modified daylight infra red camera for the night scenes, which has captured some amazing footage.

With the six month half birthday over our shoulders, Oscar is moving on quickly. His new mode of transport is bottom shuffling while sitting on the potty!
In the last few days he has learned a new trick. Whenever he hears music or singing, he goes into 'dancing' mode. Dancing for Oscar mean wobbling your head with a stylee not unlike those dancing flowers from the 80's. Very cute.

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